Senior Back-end Developer (This job has been filled)

Who Loves ElasticSearch and PHP

Haarlem Senior 44k – 58k


Job Description

Unfortunately, this job has been filled. We keep this page online for future growth of our team. Are you interested? Please leave your details via the orange button above, thanks!

We are looking for a Senior Back-end Developer who loves ElasticSearch and PHP. Someone who gets excited about large data sets and building the back-end of smart marketing & sales software.

Sounds boring? Think again 🙂

We are a growing, profitable software startup (founded in 2014) and recently got funded to take the next leap in our journey. Our software suite is currently loved by more than 1.350 companies in the Netherlands and allows them to discover, nurture and manage leads. Our mission is to empower B2B marketers worldwide to easily create business development engines that drive customer acquisition and measurable revenue impact.

In the first half of 2017 year we will transitioning from a ‘skeleton crew’ to a product team with 3 engineers, 1 UX professional, 1 product marketeer and 1 product owner. The company itself will grow from 9 to around 17 employees. We are really looking forward to this.

What team you will be on

This is a full-time, permanent position and you will join our core engineering team of three, a team that we are just starting to recruit. This means you will be instrumental in standing up and leading this team while driving the technology vision forward. You will work directly with the founders who have build the current solution and who will transition to a product owner role.

What product you will be supporting

You will be driving the technical (r)evolution of the back-end services of our flagship product currently called Online Success.

Technical responsibilities and challenges in this role

  • Build a new tracking solution that allows for better scalability and website analytics.
  • Build a new realtime company and people identification engine.
  • Build scalable APIs that allows data to easily flow in and out of our backend services.
  • Build a new data collection and interpretation solution that continuously indexes the open web.
  • Build a best in class reporting engine that delivers marketing and ROI insights.

Key technologies you will be working with

The technology stack you’ll be working with includes (but not limited to):

  • ElasticSearch
  • PHP (7)
  • Queues (E.g. RabbitMQ, AWS Queues)
  • AWS
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript

What impact will this job have on our company?

Your role is absolutely vital to the future success of our company. This is your chance to have real impact on the solution’s architecture, processes and tools being used. Our 2020 goal is to have grown the adoption of our platform significantly and without you on our team we cannot achieve this.

How do we feel about this role and the future of our company?

As founders of Online Success, we have put in everything to make it this far in our journey. The road has not been easy and challenging to say the least 😉 For those joining us in our journey, we are honored and are really looking forward to grow together so we are able to realize our vision and meet our goals as a team.

What we like to see in you

  • You’re smarter than us and can find a way to show it
  • You’re self disciplined and get things done (the right way)
  • You’re awesome with ElasticSearch
  • You’re awesome with PHP and a decent framework
  • You’re proactive in your solutions and passionate about coding
  • You’ve worked on technical challenges similar to this role for around 5 years

Extra Points for any of the following

  • You have experience being the tech lead in a small and close-knit team
  • You write software in your free time or contribute to open source projects
  • You speak / write Dutch and an additional language

We offer

Good salary, bonus, vacation, health insurance, retirement benefits and reimbursement of travel expenses. We also equip you with the best tools money can buy. Our core principles are based around ownership, freedom and autonomy which is also reflected in the environment you will be working in. Here you you can:

  • Work with new technologies and raise your professional standards
  • Build something new
  • Have control over product decisions
  • End the workday at the same time every day
  • Work from home / remote
  • Get your lunch reimbursed
  • Get your gym membership reimbursed
  • Get time to do side projects and continued learning

We value fun, personal growth and performance. Due to the nature of the (team)work, we really like you to work in the office. However, we are flexible in terms of working from home / remote when this creates a win-win for everyone (e.g. avoiding traffic, focussed work, etc).

The Online Success office is situated in ‘Zaamen’, a coworking space with an entrepreneurial, innovative atmosphere in the center of downtown Haarlem (±20 minutes from Amsterdam and 4 minutes walking distance from Haarlem CS train station). Zaamen has won the Best Coworking Center of NL award 3 times in a row so if you’re looking for a great place to work, this is where you want to be.

Will you join us in our journey?